Your Success is a Team Effort

When you partner with us, you gain the strength of our entire nationwide community of professionals. With the support of a diverse team of financial planning leaders, tax professionals, investment researchers and portfolio managers, your advisor will orchestrate a bespoke plan, tailored to your situation.

Your team of dedicated professionals is constantly exploring and assessing the ever-changing landscape of investments, tax code, markets and planning strategies—with a singular focus on maintaining an evidence-driven, fiduciary approach that puts your interests first.

Our Community Empowers Your Advisor

As early innovators and practitioners of a fiduciary, evidence-driven approach, we were founded on the belief that there’s a better way for people to invest. We are a learning organization, actively collaborating to solve complex problems for our clients. Whether exiting concentrated stocks, managing around low basis positions or having conversations around wealth and money with adult children—our colleagues focus on a variety of investment areas.

Your advisor is backed by a community of financial and investment professionals collaborating and supporting you on your investment journey.**


Chartered Financial Analysts across Buckingham


Trading and portfolio managers watching your investments


Dedicated financial professionals

**Figures include associates of Buckingham Wealth Partners, Buckingham Strategic Wealth and Buckingham Strategic Partners.

As of 9/30/2022.

Your advisor is your steward. But they’re backed by a team of like-minded professionals.

Your Advisory Team

Our advisors are out front, visible and proactive. Their focus is collaborating with you in designing a strategic plan, working with you during life’s inevitable transitions and educating you along the way. They are always available to provide support and guidance during your journey.

The Broader Buckingham Family

Our firm’s network of innovative specialists share investment and planning insights with your advisor so you always benefit from the latest knowledge.

Other Professionals

We collaborate with industry leaders and strategic partners to incorporate their insights into your plan. We work closely with your other professional advisors, such as attorneys and CPAs, to ensure your tax, investment and estate strategies are cohesive.

Evidence-Driven Investing™ is Continuously Evolving

We have strong convictions but have a passion to progress. Our investment approach is governed by both Buckingham’s Investment Policy Committee (IPC) and Evidence-Driven Planning Committee (EDPC).

Buckingham’s committees, in conjunction with our practitioners, scour academic and other research in pursuit of better outcomes for our clients. When we give you our recommendations, know that you’re not getting the opinion of your advisor or any individual on our committees. Rather, our guidance is based on decades of academic and practitioner research. And as the evidence evolves, so do our recommendations.

How we invest and how we practice is bigger than our own ideas. By relying on research to guide our investment decisions, we are notoriously slow to implement new strategies. But we’re okay with that—your financial well-being is too important to leave to chance. 

As investments and markets evolve, we’ll continue to do the research, so you don’t have to.

Sample List of Areas We Are Continuously Exploring

Monetary Policy

Tax Policy

Financial Planning Strategies

New Asset Classes

Rebalancing Methodologies

Retirement Income

Optimizing Debt

Enhanced Cash Management

Income Guarantees

Alternative Currencies Like Cryptocurrency

Private Equity

Enhanced Personalization

ESG Strategies

Holistic and Comprehensive: The Power of Community in Planning

Your advisor’s home base is supported through multiple teams, including portfolio managers, traders, investment researchers and bond portfolio teams. Guided by our committees, these teams tirelessly work together to support every aspect of your planning pyramid and implement evidence-driven strategies on your behalf.

This frees up your advisor to focus on what matters most—you and your financial well-being.

Together, our community supports you and your advisor with strategic thinking from a deep bench of specialists—setting you on a path directly towards your impact, life and money goals.

More Than Comfort.
Your Team Can Provide Real Value.

The average investor earns significantly less than the funds in which they invest. That doesn’t have to be you.

Over the years, a number of research studies have measured the difference between reported fund performance compared to actual investor performance. Why is there a difference? Investors often buy into a fund after a winning streak (at high prices) and sell when they get nervous (at lower prices). Buying high and selling low is not an optimal strategy, but that is what so many investors do when they let their emotions drive decision-making.

Our evidence-driven approach seeks to close that gap. Your advisor’s role is to keep you focused on the long-term and minimize the inevitable emotional ups and downs that can affect the performance of your investments.

How Your Advisor Can Add Value

The value of working with a professional team extends well beyond the returns you earn on your investments. According to a Vanguard study, professional support across implementation, rebalancing, behavioral coaching, tax management and spending strategies has the potential to add about 3% in total net returns each year!

Typical Value Added for Client


Suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds/ETFs


Cost-effective implementation (lower expenses)




Behavioral coaching


Asset location


Spending strategy (withdrawal order)


Total-return versus income investing


Total potential value added in net returns

Pursuing Better Outcomes

It begins with your advisor but doesn’t end there. We not only personally pledge to put your needs first at all times, but also embrace our obligation to do so. We’re fee-only and dedicated to helping our clients realize their life and wealth goals. No brokers. No commissions. No ulterior motives.

Unlike some in the financial industry, we don’t have some mythical algorithm or internal products we attempt to sell you. We approach your investment experience with the same care and dedication as we use with our own money—and we are often investing alongside you in the same strategies. Our passion to progress has one focus—you. We work tirelessly to find ways of potentially improving your outcomes at all stages of your financial journey.

Ready to take the next step?

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